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Why Are We Doing This?

To get you laid.

It’s that simple – we are here to help. There is so much crazy advice out there on the internet, at dating and hookup sites that people need someone to help cut through all the BS. The guys at have found out the hard way what works and what doesn’t on these sites, and which are full of quality girls and which are full of people just trying to scam you. Here you can learn how to avoid these scams, chose which sites are best for you, and how to maximize your chances once you have found girls to hookup with.

We will give you a rundown and review the hookup sites of Canada. It will tell you which ones to avoid, because they are full of scams or looking for to steal from you, and which ones to use, because they are full of hot, genuine women looking to hookup in your area. This guide will also fill you in on the secrets to getting the dates and closing on the night. How to craft the best profile so girls will flock to it, how to make that all-important initial contact with the women that has caught you eye, and then how to move that girl from the online world into the real world so you can get what you came for.

Tips & Tricks From exists to help you. We don’t want to see you scammed. We do want to see you laid (not literally!).

Guys all over Canada make the same mistakes when using these sites and we are here to try and put an end to that and help guys find the best girls on the web…

Local Girls For Local Guys

Canada is the second-largest country in the entire world. Do you know how long it takes to drive from Vancouver to Montreal? Two days. Straight. Not even a bathroom break. It takes 5 hours just to fly it. Are you going to go all that way just to hook up? Even if you do, you think you are going to be ready for action after that trip?

There can be no such thing as a “Canadian hookup site”. The country is just too goddamn big to consider any girls who aren’t local. And by local we mean local. You may think within your province is fine but it’s still a 4 hour drive from Toronto to Ottawa. That’s four hours you are on the road while an Ottawan girl is waiting for you. She isn’t going to be waiting when you get there. Some local guy is going to have got lucky instead. You may see this as narrowing your search and losing out on girls in other cities, but it is actually about picking women intelligently and getting hookups now, rather than the meagre promise of sex 400 miles away.

Think local, act local. This is the greatest piece of advice that can be given to any Canadian looking to hook up. Forget the girls (or guys) in other cities, concentrate on your area. There are more than enough girls in each of these cities so you don’t have to go travelling between them to find decent women. You can find them at home. Even in smaller cities like Winnipeg or Hamilton there are more great girls than you are ever going to have enough time for. So why go travelling on the off-chance of a good night? Stay in your city and meet the girls there.

There is an added bonus to thinking locally. You are far less likely to be scammed. If you can meet a girl tonight two blocks away for coffee or a drink, then you don’t have to worry about who is hiding behind the hot girl in her profile picture – you are going to find out. But if you have spent weeks or months cultivating an online relationship with a beauty who you never met… then the alarm bells should start ringing.

This site, and the hookup sites we recommend aren’t about dating. They are about hooking up. Quick, dirty, fun. For that, you are not going to fly across country. You are not even going to drive across the province. You want to find a hot girl ready for some action that you can meet now, not in two months after she has asked for the airfare.

So this site is about local. How to meet and how to hookup with the girls near you, in your city. Girls you can get to right now. It is about how to hookup with great girls in Calgary when you are just around the corner, or for Edmonton guys hooking up with local girls. Just like supporting your local retailers, support your local girls – think local, act local…

Mistakes You Make

Once we’ve helped you find that hot girl, we are not going to stop there. This guide is full of the best advice we have on using your profile to lure her in and how to craft the best messages to get that date. We will tell you exactly what does and doesn’t work in attracting hot girls and how to deal with everything from the initial contact to the final night.

Debunking Scams

Unfortunately, one of the main problems in the online hookup world is getting scammed. Fake pictures, fake profiles, even fake people are all there. It can be a minefield trying to sort out who are the real, decent girls looking for a good time and who are the girls (or guys) just out to make a fool of you.

We have found the worst sites in Canada, full of scams designed to part you with your money. We’ll tell you the warning signs to look for in these sites so you know they are trying to scam you and how to identify the fake profiles of escorts or scammers just after your money.

Tried and Tested All Canadian Hookup Sites

As well as find the sites to stay away from, we have also found the best hookup sites in Canada. How do we know these are the best?

Simple. We used them. The guys at have tested all these sites themselves, sending out hundreds of messages over a three month period to the hottest girls on these sites. These five guys, spread across Canada in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver reviewed the responses and tested which sites, messages and profiles were most likely to get you laid. These five guys working in these three big cities then developed their own propriety method to evaluate these hookups and rank the sites based on the quality of the dates they met.

Methods To Get Laid

They picked the top hookup sites in Canada and went through each one looking for only the hottest girls. Using different profile strategies and contact approaches they worked out the best sites and methods for succeeding in the Canadian hookup world. These tips and tricks will work as well in Hamilton or Winnipeg as they did in Toronto and Vancouver.

The guys went out and did the fieldwork so you don’t have to. They pooled their findings together, aggregating the results over multiple sites, profiles and girls to quantitatively decide how to approach women in the correct way to get the date and how to choose the right site to find these quality girls.

All these methods are here on the site for you to use. You will see how to create a profile on the best sites that can win girls over and make you the guy they want to hookup with.

Hookup Dating Reviews

On you find reviews of the best and worst hookup sites Canada has to offer. We’ve trawled through all of these sites looking at the profiles, contacting the women and heading out on the dates so we can bring you genuine reviews of all these sites and tell you the ones to head to and the ones to steer clear of.

If you have a favorite hook up site already then you should head here to read the honest, objective review of your site. Does it really work? Are the girls there really genuine? Or are you heading for a big surprise come date night…


The point of this guide is to help you get quality girls. Anyone can head out to a bar and pick up a 3, but it takes a lot more to pick up the 6s, 7s and 8s of this world (Why not the 9s and 10s? We’ll tell you why.). To pick up quality women you need to be a quality man. That is what this site is based on. We wants to make you into the man these kind of girls want so you can go to these sites and head out on these dates with the confidence required to seal the deal at the end of the night. is about making the Canadian hookup world work for you. Getting you out to meet real girls from your area and arming you with the right tools to charm them straight back to yours.